Why being a musician is the best job in the world

guitar musician
By Aman Barigai

Music is a good career for the people who are talented in music. There are many benefits that come with this career and those who take it seriously enjoy their lives as musicians due to several reasons. We shall discuss some of the good things that make music the best job in the world.

Travel the world and see new things

This is probably one of the best aspects of music that all professional musicians should appreciate. When one is starting out their music career, they may not believe that they will travel to many parts of the world. But this becomes a reality when one produces songs that are enjoyed by a worldwide audience.

Travel the world and see new things

Traveling the world means getting to see new places, new people, new cultures and even getting to taste the world cuisines. Who wouldn’t love this? As you travel the capitals of the world, you get to do shopping, live among the new people you meet in your journeys and even make new friends.

You become a professional in money management

Being a musician means making lots of money in this career. You will have to be a manager of your money and ensure that you are good at it. The kind of money musicians make after performances and sale of albums means that they may have to employ financial managers. However, you will have full control of your finances and these calls for you to be very careful to avoid the trouble many rich people get into as far as money matters are concerned.

Variety of activities on a day to day basis

One of the things that make music an interesting career is the variety of activities that a musician has to be engaged in. the life of a musician is quite busy and this should be interesting for a music career. There are times one is in the studio, other times you are busy writing songs, meeting friends and colleagues and so on.

Variety of activities on a day to day basis

Then there are sessions when you have to practice and do rehearsals for your performances. All this time has to be planned and one has to be a disciplined musician so that they can achieve their goals. With this variety of activities for your music career, surely a musician should have the best job in the world!

Make Lots of money performing or recording

As a musician, one gets to make lots of money in sales of albums, singles, and merchandise. The best-paid musicians are known to make lots of money in sales of music albums and doing performances around the world. If you consider the net worth of some musicians such as Mariah Carey, Bono, Paul McCartney and the rest of the musicians, you get to know that musicians earn good money. For instance, the highest paid musician is Andrew Lloyd Webber, who is worth in excess of 1.2billion US Dollars. As a musician, one does not have to perform full time. They can perform gigs and make a living out of it. Once one becomes an established recording artist, they can be assured of earnings throughout their lives. They will make money in the forms of royalties, recording music, selling albums, mentoring and so on.

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